Nail Art Backstage @ Behnaz Sarafpour



This is the ultimate manicure. If you’ve seen my other beauty posts you may notice I’m a bit obsessed with glitter in makeup. The whole “dipped in glitter” would look incredible with any color/type of glitter. I may have to try the look tonight 😉


It’s Oddly Cold Outside

It's Oddly Cold Outside
It’s sweater weather here and all I want to do is online shop and drink tea.

Enza Costa chiffon top
$190 –

Lola Cruz buckle shoes

Friis Company skull headphone
$62 –

Felt hat

Crate & Barrel Cozy Latte Mug

Easy Outfit

Easy Outfit
Blouse-y dress + Scarf + Ankle Boots = Easy Dressing